ACP Sentry Median Approved by the MTO (MTOD 912.150)

FONTHILL, ON June 11, 2020 – ACP Sentry Median Approved by the MTO (MTOD 912.150)

Pen80 Products is delighted to announce that our flagship guiderail product, the ACP Sentry has been approved by the MTO for median applications as per MTOD 912.150.

The ACP Sentry Barrier W Beam System is a w-beam guardrail system suitable for containing, redirecting, and shielding vehicles from roadside obstacles.

ACP Sentry has been designed and tested to meet the evaluation criteria of MASH TL-3 for a longitudinal barrier. ACP Sentry has both a shoulder application and a double-sided median ideal for narrow median applications. Pen80 Products is ACP’s exclusive Canadian distributor for the ACP Sentry and all other ACP proprietary roadside safety products.

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