ACP Sentry ThrieBeam

The Sentry Barrier TL-4 ThrieBeam System is a roadside Thrie-beam guardrail system suitable for containing, redirecting, and shielding vehicles from roadside obstacles. The barrier has been designed and tested to meet the evaluation criteria of MASH TL- 4 for a longitudinal barrier.

Features & Benefits:

  • Installation height of 1050 mm to the top of the rail provides the system with the ability to withstand numerous road surface overlays without the need to re-level of lifting of the barrier.
  • Rounded edges and closed shape on the approach provide increased protection for vulnerable road users.
  • Compact system that is easy to drive into all soil types and provide increased resistance to rotation in the soil when impacted.
  • Unlike other systems on the market, any damage caused to the top of the posts or to the rail mounting points during installation will not affect the performance of the system.
  • The connection system between the rail and posts is formed using conventional fasteners providing it with the greatest tolerance of any system on the market.
  • Simpler installations and repairs if the connection is damaged in any way – can be easily replaced without replacing the posts
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