Pen80 Products announces completion of world’s-first installation of the SMA Hercules Crash Cushion at the Thorold Tunnel

FONTHILL, ON June 3, 2021 – Pen80 Products announces completion of world’s-first installation of the SMA Hercules Crash Cushion at the Thorold Tunnel

Permanent installation of this innovative infrastructure designed specifically for jurisdictions that adhere to MASH standards, marks a global first, positioning Ontario as a North American leader in road safety

Pen80 Products Inc. (“Pen80 Products” or the “Company”) is proud to announce that the world’s first installation of SMA Road Safety’s (“SMA”) Hercules Crash Cushion (“SMA Hercules”) has been completed at the Thorold Tunnel in Ontario, which carries Highway 58 underneath the Welland Canal.

In 2020 Pen80 Products announced that it entered into an exclusive Ontario distribution agreement with SMA, a renowned Italian-based manufacturing company with global recognition for its sophisticated design of road safety infrastructure products.

Designed by SMA for jurisdictions that adhere to Manual for Assessing Safety Hardware (MASH) standards and approved by Ontario’s Ministry of Transportation (MTO), the SMA Hercules is a full redirecting, non-gating crash cushion tested to MASH TL-3, assuring high performance and maximum protection for vehicle occupants in the event of impact. Made entirely of galvanized steel, SMA Hercules’ incredible strength and sophisticated design provides for a longer lifespan of the device. The SMA Hercules offers maximum safety to motorists and can be used to shield the end of a median barrier system, a fixed object located in the median, or an object located in a gore area. SMA Hercules has also been approved for temporary installations in work zones to protect the ends of temporary construction barrier (TCB) systems. With a narrower footprint than other approved devices, SMA Hercules is the most compact Energy Attenuator available on the market. The device is supplied pre-assembled, allowing for quick, safe and easy installation.

As one of Canada’s leading highway safety product distributors, Pen80 Products is committed to introducing the most innovative and reliable infrastructure solutions into the marketplace in an effort to make Canadian roads and highways the safest in the world. Executing on the Company’s mission to ensure that contractors and the MTO are provided the best available devices on the market, the recent completion of the SMA Hercules installation at Thorold Tunnel serves as an industry catalyst for new road safety infrastructure options in the Ontario marketplace.

“The world’s first installation of the SMA Hercules at the Thorold Tunnel marks a significant development in our ongoing efforts to supply leading road safety devices that make Canada’s roads safer,” said Jamie West, Vice President of Pen80 Products. “As the proud exclusive Ontario distributor of SMA’s products, which have set the standard of excellence in the industry, we look forward to continuing to support the MTO and our partners through the reliable supply of the best roadside safety products in the world.”

“We have worked incredibly hard to develop the most sophisticated and advanced roadside safety devices on the market and are proud to see the first-ever installation of the Hercules take place in Canada,” said Roberto Impero, Chief Executive Officer of SMA. “We are thrilled to see our partnership with Pen80 Products yield such productive results and are honoured to contribute to the MTO’s efforts to lead in roadside safety.”

The SMA Hercules was installed as part of MTO Contract Number 2018-2007 – Thorold Tunnel Rehabilitation and Hwy #58 by Peninsula Construction Inc.

Pen80 Products is leading the way in improving road safety with innovative products, dependable service, and reliable advice. The Company distinguishes itself through its comprehensive product offerings with wide-ranging suitability to meet all roadside safety and product installation needs. Pen80 Products exclusively promotes MASH tested roadside safety devices, which is the current standard for the crash testing of safety hardware devices for use by the MTO and many other jurisdictions in North America.

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Pen80 Products is a highway safety products distributor serving Ontario and all of Canada. Working with manufacturers both internationally and domestically, Pen80 Products’ mission is to introduce the latest and most innovative roadside safety products into the Ontario and Canadian marketplaces. Our core mandate is to ensure that highway safety product installers have the best products available and in turn, that Canadian roads and highways are the safest in the world.

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